Kingsmith WalkingPad X21 Double Foldable Walking & Running Treadmill ( EU Version)

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  • 180° Folding plus 90° Folding
  • Middle Circular LCD Knob & Hidden LED Digital Display
  • KS Fit APP Control & Circular LCD Knob Control
  • Support NFC Function & Large Running Area 460x1210mm
  • Powerful 1HP Brushless Motor to Suppress Noise
  • Maximum Load 110kg & Maximum Speed 12km/H

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Kingsmith WalkingPad X21 Double Foldable Walking & Running Treadmill

Double Folding Design = 180° Folding plus 90° Folding

Transcendent of the existing 180°folding plus 90° folding, it is a new double folding design. The thin body demonstrates innovative technology. Covering an area of ​​less than 0.16 square meters,greatly reducing the occupied space, and the floor space.

Middle Circular LCD Knob & Hidden LED Digital Display

Integrated panel design, only the machine surface with beautiful appearance can be seen at rest, and the LED digital display data can be clearly seen after startup.
You can press and rotate this LCD knob to start the treadmill and adjust the speed,etc.
We designed a detachable pallet for phone and tablet on the handle,so you can always stay entertained and connected.

Support NFC Function

NFC touch intelligent induction easy distribution network, can directly reach the treadmill interactive interface, realize real-time update and visualization of mobile phone and treadmill data.

Multi-gear Infinitely Variable Speed & Regulation

Multi-gear free adjustment of 0.5-12km /h, allows you to adjust your running speed in real-time according to your running state.

Powerful 1HP Brushless Motor to Suppress Noise & 75dB No-load At Full Speed

Featuring high efficiency brushless motor,stable power output,75dB sound of no-load test run at full speed,allowing full energy running without worrying about disturbing the downstairs neighbors.

Two Ways to Control

KS Fit APP Control , Circular LCD knob Control

Two Sport Modes: Running Mode, Walking Mode

6km/h speed racewalking fat burning, 2km/h speed after-dinner walk, by your feet to control the speed.

Non-Slip Comfortable Running Belt

Wear-resistant non-slip running belt, EVA soft layer with cushioning effect, smooth layer with low friction coefficient, and durable high-density fiberboard.

Large Running Area 460x1210mm

A spacious running area, providing an effective and safe cushion for your knees and muscles for a superior running experience.

More Focus On Details

The integrated aluminum alloy material is used as the skeleton structure for greater durability and stability.
There is a moving roller at the bottom of the treadmill, which can be placed in a small corner of the home to save space.
One-button Switch.
Multiple security protection, safe lock function, child lock function, automatic standby, overload protection.


This version hasn't the function of lOT Smart Linkage.


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