Flsun QQ-S Pro Delta 3D Printer 255X360mm Printing Size

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Flsun QQ-S Pro Delta 3D Printer 255X360mm Printing Size

Automatic Bed Leveling With Sensor

New auto leveling method using auto level sensor. Say Good bye to the old USB plate bed leveling method.

Lattice Bed

1. Fast heating and less warping
2. Large build size Diameter 255X 360 mm
3. Providing a strong adhesion during the print and to be easily taken off, once the print is completed and the bed is cooled.

Titan Extruder

1. Smooth feeding of filament and powerful extrusion.
2. Equipped with a 0.4 mm extrusion nozzle by default, it can also hold 0.2mm and 0.3 mm nozzles, allowing for finer prints.
3. With a maximum temperature of 270 °C, the QQ-S PRO is set to handle all common print filaments such as ABS PLA, PVA, and wood. But also flexible materials, as well as HIPS support materials.

32-Bit Motherboard

1. QQ-S PRO is equipped with a 32-Bit motherboard and a separate MOS module, allowing for stable prints even at high printing speed.
2. Equipped with a touchscreen, it can resume printing from the breakpoint, save in case of a power outage.
All in all, it’s pretty much all you can ask for from an operating system.

Full Metal Frame

The printer is fully made out of stainless steel (SAE 304), allowing for less wobble, and therefore more accurate prints.

Quiet Printing

The QQ-S PRO has an operating-noise of less than -50 dB, making it suitable for workplaces.

Support & Firmware

FLSUN 3D Printers Firmware Download

 1.Can QQ-S Pro install a second extruder?

No, because there is no reserved installation interface for the second extruder on the motherboard.

2.What are the specifications of the QQ-S Pro power supply?

24V 15A 360W.

3.What is the thermistor model of QQ-S Pro?

NTC 100K.

4.What is the model of the heating rod of QQ-S Pro?

24V 40W

5.What firmware does QQ-S Pro use?


6.What is the length of each belt of QQ-S Pro and what is its model?

The length of each belt of QQ-S Pro is 1486mm, and the model is 2GT 6mm.

7.What kind of stepper drivers does QQ-S Pro use?

4 A4988.

8.Can QQ-S Pro be upgraded to other types of stepper drivers?

Yes, QQ-S Pro can be upgraded to TMC 2208, TMC 2209, etc., but the firmware needs to be updated.

9.What is the length of the parallel arm of QQ-S Pro?

280mm,the distance between the center of the two fish eyeball heads.

10.What are the models of the three fans on the QQ-S pro hot end?

Two 4010 turbo fans, one 4020 cooling fan.

11.What is the model and size of the QQ-S Pro heating block?

E3D V6,and the size is 16*16*12mm.

12.What is the overall size of the QQ-S Pro?


13.Which filament does QQ-S Pro support?


14.What is the maximum temperature of QQ-S Pro nozzle and hot bed?

The temperature of the nozzle does not exceed 250°C, and the temperature of the hot bed does not exceed 90°C.

15.What is the length of the QQ-S Pro PTFE tube?


16.Can the extruder of QQ-S Pro be replaced with another type of extruder, such as BMG extruder, which parameters in the firmware need to be modified?

The extruder of QQ-S Pro can be replaced with another type of extruder. You need to modify the pulse value of the extruder in the line ">EXT0_STEPS_PER_MM 367" to the pulse of the new extruder in the firmware configuration file.

17.What is the model of the pneumatic connector?


18.Can QQ-S Pro upload the latest Marlin? Does FLSUN have Marlin for QQ-S Pro?

QQ-S Pro can upload Marlin, but flsun don’t have official Marlin firmware.


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