Xiaomi Redmi AirDots S Bluetooth5.0 TWS Earbuds

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Xiaomi Redmi AirDots S Bluetooth5.0 TWS Earbuds

The Latest XIAOMI TWS Earbuds with DSP and Game Mode

The Redmi AirDots S is an upgrade edition of its predecessor Redmi AirDots. More specifically, it avails DSP noise cancelling and Game mode into its compact body. Once paired with your device, the Redmi AirDots S earbuds will automatically power on when you remove them from the case, and they will connect to the most recently used device instantly. Pop them back into the case, and they power off and begin to charge. Weighing 4.1g, the Redmi AirDots S earbuds are tiny with 7.2mm drivers, yet they produce sound quality that rivals other components with larger drivers.

DSP Noise Reduction

One of the most impressive upgrades over the Redmi AirDots is the adoption of DSP Noise Reduction technology so that Redmi AirDots S is able to achieve a higher quality of music than the original input. By the end of the audio reconstruction, they give balanced and flawless sound, which can be described as breathtaking.

Game Mode

If those moderate feature upgrades aren’t worth a dime of your attention, the Redmi AirDots S is still highly recommendable thanks to the addition of Game Mode.It goes without saying that with the Game Mode on, you will experience less lag caused by signal processing during gaming.

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