Xiaomi QICYCLE EF1 Foldable E-Bike (Global Version)

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Free shipping by Railroad from China, the estimated transit time is 25 to 30 business days.

Difference between the global version and Domestic version:

1. Adjusted the angle of the tire, improved safety performance.

2. Replace the chain with a belt. The belt has a good mute effect, no need for troublesome maintenance and easy operation.

3. The parking rack has been added, which is more convenient to use than the domestic version without the parking rack. Unlimited, you can park anywhere, anytime.

4. Add a fender to prevent rain and mud from splashing on the tires, which is more suitable for riding in the wild.


This bike is powered by 18650 lithium-ion battery pack with the total capacity of 208.8Wh, which means the cycling distance can be up to 45km at the condition of 100pct electric power.

The smart folding bike comes with a trip computer, so you can directly view the mileage, speed, power and other data without a mobile phone, and the built-in space can store 30 days of riding data, moreover, these data can be exported at any time.

The bicycle is equipped with the three-mode derailleur, which makes it effortless to ride even without power.

Equipped with TMM torque sensor and professional electric boosting system, the smart bike can automatically sense your tread power, and output the appropriate electrical power to assist cycling.

Longitudinal folding design, easy to operate and no harm to the bike frame.

Aluminum alloy frame, lightweight and exquisite.

The max loading: 100kg

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By (Germany) on14 Sept. 2018 (Xiaomi QICYCLE EF1 Foldable E-Bike (Global Version)) :

Sehr zufrieden

Jetzt wo ich es habe möchte ich dauernd damit fahren. Das Bike ist genau wie beschrieben.
Ich nutze es auf normalen Straßen (nicht auf Hügeln), die Schaltung ist einfach zu bedienen.

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By on11 Sept. 2018 (Xiaomi QICYCLE EF1 Foldable E-Bike (Global Version)) :

Gutes Fahrrad

Ich bin erst einmal damit gefahren, aber es hat Spaß gemacht. Das Lenkrad ist etwas niedrig.

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By (Spain) on11 Aug. 2018 (Xiaomi QICYCLE EF1 Foldable E-Bike (Global Version)) :

Mi eBike Favorita

Finalmente, tengo una eBike en el trabajo que tire de las colinas. Muy buena calidad. No veo que puedan poner tantas características en una bicicleta a este precio. Sin pedalear, es bueno para cerca de 22 mph en el gran estacionamiento trasero. Solo uso el acelerador de giro, pero la palanca de cambios de 7 velocidades es muy suave. Mi sobrino tiene uno parecido y dijo que andar bajo la lluvia no lo afecta.

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