CYCPLUS A8 Air Pump 2600 mAh 150 PSI Electric Compressor Portable Bicycle Pump Mini Tyre Pump with LED Light USB-C Connect

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CYCPLUS A8 Air Pump 2600 mAh 150 PSI Electric Compressor Portable Bicycle Pump Mini Tyre Pump 

2600 mAh battery & 150 psi maximum air pressure

Five times larger battery capacity for longer service life. The filling speed is accelerated and it only takes 2 to 3 minutes to fill a bicycle tyre. Use the Type-C connector for increased charging speed and simplified travel preparation.

Longer Built-in Air Hose

The 11.22 inch hose provides more space for the flow of hot air, so it does not get too hot after use. The air nozzle connects directly to the hose, so you don't have to disassemble it multiple times and it is easy to use.

Double seal protection on the interface

The air nozzle is equipped with a double seal and does not wear out through use. Also the noise during operation has been reduced.

LED screen

The display uses high resolution LED display and more clarity. Also lower power consumption, easy maintenance and longer service life.

Unique Appearance

This construction is patented by CYCPLUS. Double-sided air holes for faster inflation and heat dissipation. The alloy case is textured to complement your mood.
CYCPLUS hand-held multi-functioned versatile bike inflator with digital pressure gauge has 150PSI maximum inflation pressure,
making sure you can easily inflate small and medium cars, bikes, motorcycle tires, or other smaller items.


This smart tire pump is equipped with a longer air tube which can connect to the valve directly without extra adapters and protect your hand from burns.


This CYCPLUS mini air compressor can also be used as an emergency light to help you find your way in the dark.


1. Please charge the inflator before using it for the first time or if it has not been used for a long time.
2. The charge indicator will turn red during the charging process and green when the battery is fully charged.
3. Normally, even if you do not use the inflator, you should charge it once every two months. If left uncharged for a long time, the battery will be over-discharged, resulting in battery damage.
4. After continuous use for 5-10 minutes, it is recommended to stop the air pump and keep using it after 10 minutes.
5. Do not pull out the air hose until it has cooled down, as it heats up after uninterrupted work.
6. Unit conversion: 1 BAR = 1 kg / CM2 = 14.5 PSI = 100 KPA


1. Do not turn on the air pump while it is being charged.
2. Normally, the air pump should be charged every two months, although it has not been used. Power bank automatically turns off after 60 minutes of continuous work. After 8 minutes of continuous inflation, the pump stops automatically. Please wait 10 minutes before using it.
3. We can’t handle trucks, vans, buses, air beds, air mattresses, inflatable boats (dinghy), ballons.

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