Proscenic M6 Pro LDS Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner With 32000 MAh Lithium Battery (EU Plug)

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Proscenic M6 Pro LDS Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner With 32000 MAh Lithium Battery 

App & Voice Control

Use the ProscenicHome app for the display of cleaning paths and map storage, scheduling, cleaning areas, stain removal, etc. With Alexa and Google Home (Skill Name: ProscenicRobot) to control the vacuum cleaner with voice commands.

Auto Charge & Select

When cleaning at low battery levels, the robot returns to the charging station and starts charging. After the charging process is complete, it returns to the last cleaning position to continue cleaning.

Laser Navigation

Using probe scans, the suction robot can create an accurate virtual map of the environment, allowing the suction robot to plan the best cleaning path for efficient and intelligent routes.

Real-time Map

Up to 5 maps can be saved in the robot memory, which makes it load faster than the maps saved by the device in the APP.

Excellent Wiping Function

Thanks to the advanced electric water tank and the programmed water outlet system, the Proscenic M6 PRO robot vacuum cleaner can clean large surfaces, with the water evenly distributed in the wiping cloth. The robot vacuum cleaner offers 3 cleaning modes: Vacuum, Y-shaped wipe, vacuum, and wipe at the same time.


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