Tesvor S6 2700Pa Suction Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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  • 2 in 1 Vacuuming Mopping
  • Automatic Charging
  • 2500mAh Battery & 600ml Water Tank
  • Compatible with the APP, Alexa and Google

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Tesvor S6  2700Pa Suction Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Novum "AI" Laser Navigation Technology

The Tesvor S6 captures all surfaces in your home, creates a virtual room map and cleans surfaces in sections according to plan to avoid leaving uncleaned areas. In addition, the innovative laser system detects obstacles and prohibited zones and does not drive to them.

Super Strong 2700 PA Suction Power and Wiping Function

The Tesvor S6 can not only vacuum the coarse dirt but also has the important intelligent wiping function today. The water tank is included. The S6 takes off the suction and wiping tasks so you have more time for the family.

Modern Household Aid in Slim Design

The Tesvor S6 supports you in daily floor cleaning with maximum adjustable power. Working hours of 100-120 minutes depending on the choice modes and the situation of your rooms. The large dust box and 0.6-liter water tank. Can absorb a lot of dust volume and the triple HEPA filter technology protects you from dust particles in the room air.

Compatible with the APP, Alexa and Google

With the OTA service update via the app, the Tesvor S6 is immediately ready to use. Real-time cleaning can be observed and safety zones can be set up individually. Even on the go. Simply perfect and just "smart". With the app, you can watch your Tesvor S6 at any time from anywhere it is the cleaning and at the same time give it further instructions and for example, also create new prohibited zones.

Power with Strong Battery

The battery power pack with 2500 mAh can still clean up for up to 60 minutes with the highest suction power. This is beneficial for a large apartment, workshop or house. Thanks to the latest laser technology, the Tesvor S6 always finds back to its charging station to "recharge" and start cleaning where it left off.

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