Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner ( EU Plug)


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  • 290ml Ultra-large Electric Water Tank & 460ml Dust Box
  • 2 in 1 Sweeping Mopping Function
  • Bumper on LDS
  • Automatic Water Shutoff, Dedicsated No-Mop Zones

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  • Black
  • White
  • Standard
  • with Rolling Brush
  • With Xiaomi Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • With Jimmy JW31
  • With Side Brushes

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Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner ( EU Plug)
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Xiaomi Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner ( EU Plug)

Make Home Clean So Easy

Compared to previous models, the Roborock S5 Max has been upgraded to mop and sweep. It is equipped with a large water tank that can cover a larger area to improve cleaning efficiency. Super suction and adaptive route planning algorithm to achieve better automatic cleaning effect.

High Efficiency

The water tank has a capacity of 290ml and the area of more than 200 square meters is completely covered.
The high-precision LDS laser ranging sensor scans the room at 300RPM.
The adaptive algorithm calculates the most effective cleaning route around the room and obstacles.
With a unique drawer design, the mop panel can be quickly and easily installed and removed without the need to flip or remove the water tank.
Quick-release main brush, mop mount, water tank, and trash can for easy maintenance. A washable air filter and mop pad extend the life of these items.

Intelligent Settings

The sweep area can be set by the APP.
After docking, the water will be closed, allowing the S5 Max to prepare for the next mopping.
It is possible to schedule a specific room to be cleaned at different times and on different dates.
It can easily climb over 0.8 inches (2 cm) of sills and carpets. Automatically switches to turbo mode when cleaning the carpet.
When the power is less than 20%, the robot will automatically charge and evaluate the required charging time based on the area of the unswept area. When the battery is fully charged, the robot will continue to clean the uncleaned area.

Super Cleanness

The integrated design of sweeping and mopping ensures a cleansing effect.
Selective mopping allows the user to choose to clean specific rooms, setting the appropriate water flow and vacuum intensity for each room.
The maximum suction force is up to 200 0Pa, which reduces wind resistance and improves the vacuuming capacity.


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on 17 March 2020

Helemaal top.

Heb verschillende reviews van verschillende modellen schoonmaak robots gekeken.
Deze kwam er als een van de beste uit. Het resultaat is er ook naar.

By (Netherlands) , on 17 March 2020
on 12 March 2020

Nog weer beter

Heb een aantal jaar met plezier de Roborock S50 besteld.
De S5 Max is in alles toch weer echt een stuk beter en met meer handige instellingen.
Zoals niet mop zones of virtuele muren aangeven op de kaart.

By (Netherlands) , on 12 March 2020
on 11 March 2020

Super Staubsaugerroboter mit großer Leistung.

Der 460ml große Staubbehälter muss nicht ständig ausgeleert werden.

By (Germany) , on 11 March 2020

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