Xiaomi JIMMY H8 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner (EU Plug)

199,99 €

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209,99 €

  • 25000Pa Suction Pressure & 160W Suction Power
  • 60 Mins Long Working Time & Wall Mounted Charger
  • Intelligent LED Display & The Reminder of Filter Maintian
  • Auto Adjust Cleaning Power (Auto mode)
  • Removable Battery Pack can be either charged on machine or separately

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Xiaomi JIMMY H8 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner (EU Plug)
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Xiaomi JIMMY H8 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner (EU Plug)

25000Pa Strong Suction Power

Driven by a 500W brushless motor, a multi-layer impeller creates a maximum suction strength of 160AW. Enough to draw particles and mites from deep in carpets, beds, and car upholstery.

60 Mins Long Working Time

A large capacity lithium battery pack built in 7 pcs 2500mAh - lithium batteries,equipped with Jimmy 55% high efficiency motor, Maximum machine working time reaches 60 minutes.
Working time is measured with non-electric brush head:
Eco mode: 60 Mins
Turbo mode: 25 Mins
Max mode: 13 Mins
Working time is measured with electric floor brush head:
Eco mode: 35 Mins
Turbo mode: 18 Mins
Max mode: 11 Mins

Removable Battery Pack with Two Difference Charging Option

Option 1: Wall mounted charger
Option 2: Separate battery charger

4 Different Modes for Different Cleaning Task

Eco: Hardfloor cleaning
Turbo: Carpet cleaning
Max:Taff areas cleaning
Auto: Auto power adjust

Auto Adjust Cleaning Power on Different Floor Type

JIMMY floor brush head load sensing technology can recongize difference floor type and adjust machine working power for more and effcient cleaning.
Note: this function only works on Auto mode.

Intelligent LED Display

Intelligent LED display can shows suction mode,filter maintian,battery power and error code, helping to make better cleaning plan.

Patented Horizontal Cyclone Reduces Suction Loss

H8 applied Jimmy's latest patented horizontal cyclone design, reduces curves in dust cup air path, improves air speed and eliminates air path blockage.

0.5L Big Dust Cup Capacity

0.5L big capacity dust cup reduces times of cleaning. Dust cup capacity improves 20%.

Patented Upper Handle Design, Easy to Carry with Little Effort

Arm, vacuum cleaner tube and floorhead are in the same line during cleaning, saves more effort during cleaning.

Cleans Hair Without Winding Around Brushroll

Jimmy has developed a combing design on floorhead, which can prevent pet or human hair winding around brushroll during cleaning. Great for homes with pets.

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