FIIDO M1 Foldable Electric Mountain Bike - 12.5Ah Lithium Battery

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  • Dual Disc Brake
  • 12.5Ah Lithium Battery
  • 250W Brushless Motor
  • Dual Shock Absorption Structure

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FIIDO M1 Foldable Electric Mountain Bike - 12.5Ah Lithium Battery
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FIIDO M1 Foldable Electric Mountain Bike - 12.5Ah Lithium Battery

Dual Shock Absorption Structure

equipped with cst20 * 4.0 tires,52 tooth chain disk and Shimano 7-speed transmission with good shock absorption effect and riding stability

Lithium Battery

Built-in detachable rechargeable, a large battery capacity of 12.5ah at most, with a long endurance

Three Riding Modes

Pure electric mode, riding mode, and electric power-assisted mode. When the accelerator is turned, it is automatically electric mode; without the fuel gate, stepping on the pedal is electric power-assisted mode

Folding Body

The body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, light and rust-free; the body supports folding in half, which is suitable for most of the car's back-up carriages

250W Brushless Motor

lower power consumption, 20% stronger endurance and larger starting torque.

Dual Disc Brake

Front and rear dual disc brake, more stable and effective brake


FIIdo M1 is equipped with Shimano 7-speed transmission system that allows to change speed and driving mode according to road conditions and the expertise level of the user. The bike has 20" wheels with brake discs and of a 250W brushless gear motor, that ensure quality performances with a max. speed of 24km/h. Driving experience will therefore be smooth and funny. Transmission is granted by the aluminum alloy 52 Tooth large crankset. You will find 3 possible driving mode: Pure electric mode, Riding mode, Electric power-assisted mode.

Folding the bike is easy and fast, and it makes it possible to put it inside the luggage compartment of the smallest of the cars. Built in aluminum alloy, it ensures a load capacity of 100Kg.

Fiido M1 has a detachable 12.5Ah lithium battery, that offers a 100km range and that can be charged in 9 hours.

Op de zadelpen zit een markering voor de maximale hoogte.Boven deze hoogte kan het bovenste deel van het frame makkelijk breken.Overschrijd de markering niet.

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