WalkingPad C1 Electric Foldable Fitness Walking Machine (EU Plug)


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Xiaomi WalkingPad C1 Electric Foldable Walking Machine (EU Plug)

Stability and durability

The lightweight aluminum alloy skeleton structure is adopted to greatly reduce the weight of the body, while improving the overall stability and durability. The net weight of 22kg is enough to withstand the weight of 90kg.

Multiple security protection

The walking machine is suitable for people from 14 to 60 years old, with child lock function. The walking platform adopts soft and comfortable EVA cushioning layer to protect your joints.

Two Modes Of Sport

M is manual mode, which can be started, accelerated, slowed down, stopped, mode switching through the remote control. It is recommended for beginners to use it.

A is an automatic mode, which can freely control the speed of the walker through adaptive speed. It is recommended for experienced exercisers.

Display Data In Real-time To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

It comes with a digital remote control, which can view relevant exercise data in real-time, such as distance, time, speed, number of steps, calories burned and so on.

The App Tracks Your Exercise Condition

The exclusive sports APP can be connected to synchronize various sports data in real-time. The sports data of this week, this month and this year can be viewed at any time to record the changes of your body with the data.


This walking machine needs to be used in an environment with a voltage below 220V. If the voltage at home exceeds 220V, a transformer is required.


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on 29 Dec. 2020

Super efficace

Très satisfait de cette appareil, 6km/u c'est plus que assez pour moi .qualité prix top .

By (Belgium) , on 29 Dec. 2020
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