Roborock Dyad Pro 17000Pa Suction Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Dual Rollers, Self-Cleaning, Self-Drying, Edge Cleaning, EU

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Availability date: 20-02-2023

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  • DyadPower™ Cleaning Head with 17000Pa Suction Power
  • With One Full-length Roller and Two Front Rollers
  • Improved Edge-to-Edge Cleaning, Less Than 1mm
  • Equipped with 900ml Clean Water Tank and 770ml Dirty Water Tank
  • RevoBrush™ System: Self-cleaning & Self-drying
  • Easy-to-use App Control and Voice Alerts
  • Maximum Cleaning Range of Up To 300sqm (Single Charge)

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Roborock Dyad Pro 17000Pa Suction Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Dual Rollers, Self-Cleaning, Self-Drying, Edge Cleaning (Upgraded Dyad)


17000Pa Suction Power

Featured with DyadPower™ cleaning head with 17000Pa of suction power, the Dyad Pro vacuum cleaner will conquer wet and dry messes easily.

Improved Rollers

Dual roller design enables it to rotate in opposite directions to ensure that no dirt is left behind.

Improved Edge-to-Edge Cleaning

Thanks to a full-length roller and two front rollers sweeping up messes with margins of less than 1 square millimeter, this cordless vacuum cleaner can clean on both sides freely.

Self-Cleaning System

Roborock Dyad Pro will automatically transform your rollers from dirty to clean in an instant. Any mess made by your dog doesn't stand a chance with more than 99% of dirt being removed from the rollers, thanks to its alternating scrubbing.

Self-Drying System

Rollers are dried automatically with hot air, which means there won't be any lingering odors. With noiseless drying mode, the only thing you'll be hearing is your cat purring.

Adaptive Cleaning with DirTect™ Smart Sensor

The Dyad Pro automatically adjusts its cleaning power and water flow for the perfect clean when detecting how dirty the floor is. The on-screen LED indicator tells you where the dirt is so you know where to focus.

Auto Cleaning Solution Dispenser

The Dyad Pro uses a cleaning solution dispenser that automatically adjusts depending on floor stains, to give you a perfect clean. 1 small cartridge of cleaning solution supports up to 20 tanks of clean water, lasting up to 6s.00 minutes.

App Control & Voice Alerts

The Dyad Pro easily connects to the Roborock App for your convenience, and instructions and real-time cleaning status will be told by voice alerts.

Durable Design for Longer, Efficient Cleaning

The Dyad Pro uses its battery at a 30% higher efficiency when compared to the Dyad, providing a maximum cleaning range of up to 300sqm on a single charge.


Why is the Dyad Pro heavier than other similar products?

The Dyad Pro is designed with dual rollers. The cleaning head is equipped with two sets of motors, gears, and rollers, which make it heavier than similar products. However, the additional weight is built into the cleaning head, the weight of which is borne by the ground, meaning there is no additional strain placed on the user. The weight also increases the downward pressure of the cleaning head for more efficient cleaning.

Do I need to vacuum or sweep the floor before use?

Dyad Pro is an all-in-one wet and dry vacuum cleaner, so there is no need to sweep or vacuum the floor before use. However, please pick up large items of trash off the floor to avoid them getting stuck in the vacuum cleaner.

Start cleaning, and the machine will keep moving forward.

Dyad Pro adopts a front-drive traction design, which provides a relatively strong forward traction force when cleaning the ground. When pushing forward, it is pulled by the machine without any effort. You only need to master the direction and strength.

What can the Dyad Pro be used to clean up?

The Dyad Pro can used for cleaning up dust and dirt (such as dirty footprints, coffee stains, and juice stains), small items of dry trash (such as cereal, fluff, and bits of food), wet trash (such as rice, porridge, eggs, and noodles), and liquid (such as water, soup, and drinks) on the floor.

What can't the Dyad Pro be used to clean up?

To ensure normal use, it is not recommended to use the Dyad Pro for cleaning up large items of trash (such as plastic bags, tissues, large pieces of paper, cardboard, and large vegetable leaves), sharp items (such as broken glass and screws), and large amounts of dust (such as construction waste and soil). Do not use the vacuum cleaner to clean up liquid with a depth of more than 1 cm.

Can the Dyad Pro be used to vacuum hair and pet hair?

Yes, but vacuuming large clumps of hair may cause a blockage. If your floor tends to have lots of hair that needs vacuuming, it is recommended that you clean the cleaning head more often.

In what environments can I use the Dyad Pro?

The Dyad Pro can be used to clean a variety of floors in the home, including smooth wooden or tiled floors. It is not recommended for cleaning carpets. The Dyad Pro is not suitable for outside areas, car interiors, or commercial or industrial environments.

How do I use the self-cleaning function?

Put the machine on the charging stand (the charging stand needs to be connected to the power supply), press the self-cleaning button to perform self-cleaning. Before self-cleaning, if you find that the sewage tank is almost full or the water in the clean water tank is low, please pour and add water first to ensure smooth self-cleaning. You can also use the APP to control self-cleaning.

How to deal with fabrics and wires getting caught in use?

Please stop immediately, disassemble the roller brush, and take out the involved items.

How to judge the need to replace the roller brush?

The roller brush has been used for nearly or more than half a year (you can check it in the APP), and you feel that the water stains on the ground have increased significantly and the cleaning effect has deteriorated, so you need to replace the roller brush with a new one. After replacing the new roller brush, please reset the roller brush in the APP Brush life.

Does it support connection to Mihome APP?  

Dyad Pro only supports connecting to Roborock APP, not Mihome APP.

What are the precautions for WIFI connection?

1. When connecting to WIFI, do not use Chinese and special symbols for the user name, it is recommended to use English + numbers

2. WIFI only supports 2.4G. If you use a 5G router at home, you can turn off the dual-frequency integration function and use the 2.4G network independently.

3. The first boot will enter the network distribution mode by default. If it cannot be connected, please press the ""self-cleaning button"" and ""shift switch button"" for 3 seconds at the same time, and enter the network distribution mode after hearing the prompt tone.

What should I do when I've finished cleaning?  

Please place the vacuum cleaner back onto the charging dock after use and start the self-cleaning program. Once completed, please empty the dirty water tank and rinse it with water to avoid any unpleasant odors.

Why doesn't the Dyad Pro have an electrolyzed water disinfection function?  

Electrolyzed water mainly relies on the residual chlorine in tap water to generate hypochlorous acid. However, the standard for residual chlorine in supply tap water is greater than or equal to 0.3 mg/l, and that for pipeline terminal water is greater than or equal to 0.05 mg/l, which is far lower than the 250 mg/l usually used for disinfection. Therefore, such disinfection using tap water would not only have a limited effect, but the electrolytic components would reduce the life of the water pump of the vacuum cleaner.

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