Shunzao Z11 MAX Suction Power 150AW 26000Pa Hand-held Cordlesss Vacuum Cleaner 2500mAh Lithium Battery (EU Version)

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  • 26000 Pa Suction Power
  • VACUUM-Turbo Three-phase Brushless Motor with up to 125,000 RPM
  • Double Sets of 4 Blades for Efficient Hair Cutting
  • One-Button Empty Dustbin
  • Intelligent Real-Time Display

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Shunzao Z11 MAX Suction Power 150AW 26000Pa Hand-held Cordlesss Vacuum Cleaner 2500mAh Lithium Battery (EU Version)

Intelligent Real-Time Display

Understand vacuum status including suction power, battery whenever you clean. Real-time display of suction through the ring, real-time percentage display of remaining power and timely reminders of obstructions, orderly planning and cleaning.

One-Button Empty Dustbin

Many bacteria and microorganisms are hidden in the dust and hair. In order to avoid the contact between the dirt and the human body, Shunzao has developed an isolated dust dumping method. One-handed one-button operation, the dust cup will automatically bounce up to a distance of about 4 cm, and the dirt will be dumped instantly. In this way, one-handed operation is convenient and can prevent dirt from contacting the human body, ensuring that bacteria do not stick to the skin, and avoiding the spread of bacteria.

Patented Hair-cutting Roller Brush

Deeply understand pain points from user, shunzao developed hair-cutting roller brush, in which, double sets of 4 blades for efficient hair cutting, built-in horizontal blades combined with self-produced high-quality motor drive roller brush to rotate at high speed, cutting hair in a second. Compared with the passive anti-entanglement method, the active hair cutting technology has a more obvious effect.

Extreme 150AW Suction

Extreme suction, generated by a multi-layer impeller, drags dirt from deep inside carpets, beds, car seats, and more. The strong suction power of 150AW can ensure the thoroughness of cleaning. Shunzao independently developed a VACUUM-Turbo three-phase brushless motor with up to 125,000 rpm. The super power can absorb stubborn stains. The vacuum of 26,000 Pa makes fine dust nowhere to hide.

Ultra Long-lasting

An immensely powerful 2500mAh battery provides 60-minutes of non-stop cleaning in Eco and 8-minutes in Max mode. The Z11 Max handheld wireless vacuum cleaner is equipped with 7 2500mAh lithium battery packs. It adopts a one-button disassembly design. The battery pack can be replaced at any time. The daily cleaning of large houses can also be done easily.

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