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    • The best sweeping robot vacuum cleaner
    • Featuring a zero-tangle brush, perfect fit for homes with pets.
    • 2 in 1 Sweeping & Wiping
    • 8mm smart lift mop intelligently adapts to carpets.
    • 6N downward pressure mop helps to clean efficiently.
    • Dust compression technology enables 7 weeks of no-cleaning, rivaling the experience of other regular band integrated stations.
    • Patented triple laser array technology allows obstacle avoidance function regardless of light.
    • Package comes with both a dust box and disposable dust bags, choose your own as needed.
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    • Featuring a zero-tangle brush, it's perfect for homes with pets.
    • Double rotating triangular disc mop provides enhanced cleaning power with a lift function to adapt to carpets.
    • 12N Downward Pressure Mop
    • DirtSenseTM technology detects the level of waste water contamination in real time intelligently cleans until the floor is clear.
    • Patented Tri-Laser Array technology allows obstacle avoidance function regardless of light limitations.
    • Intelligent adjustment of mop humidity according to ambient humidity.
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