MINIX NEO-C-HGO USB 3.0 Type-C to HDMI 4K HDTV Converter Adapter with SD Card Gigabit Ethernet Ports - Gold


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MINIX new USB Type-C adapter is the worlds most comprehensive USB Type-C adapter (total of 7 ports) and the worlds first to include Gigabit Ethernet connectivity along with HDMI output, USB ports and SD card slots.

MINIXs USB Type-C adapter is the perfect production solution to this new market demand.

With MINIX USB Type-C adapter, you can combine the portability of an ultra-thin laptop with the practicality, convenience and ultra-connectivity possibility that the adapter offers. The adapter also means that your new electronic device equipped with USB Type-C is now backwards compatible with all your existing accessories.




MINIX NEO C Mini, USB-C Multiport Adapter lets you connect

your MacBook/MacBook Pro with USB-C port to an HDMI display,

while also connecting two standard USB devices and a USB-C charging cable. 










Our USB-C Multiport Adapter lets you connect your MacBook to a VGA display,

while simultaneously being connected to the internet via the Gigabit Ethernet port.




4K UHD @ 30Hz
Simply connect the adapter to the USB-C port on your MacBook and then to your
HDMI-enabled TV or monitor – support up to UHD (3840x2160) at 30Hz.

GN30C mini (1)




Rapid Transfer Speeds
Use the two standard USB 3.0 ports to connect devices
such as your external hard drive, mouse or keyboard.
Offering data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps, you can transfer content 
from an external HDD to your MacBook in a matter of seconds.









USB-C Power Delivery
You can also connect a charging cable to the USB-C port to charge your MacBook
while using the adapter – highly recommended when using multiple ports simultaneously.



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on 21 June 2018

Brilliant accessory

Brilliant accessory. Small enough to fit in your laptop bag, powerful enough to turn your Macbook into a desktop. Gold color matching is perfect. I've connected external hard drives, external bluray, a few flash drives and more - not a problem with any of them. Oh, even more fun: you can plug a USB3 > USB-C cable into it and it acts as a pass through charger from any AC adapter with a USB port. Fantastic.

By , on 21 June 2018
on 13 Dec. 2018

Toller Adapter

Gutes Produkt für einen fairen Preis.

By , on 13 Dec. 2018
on 09 Oct. 2018

Funktioniert ohne Probleme

wird aber während der Benutzung sehr warm

By (Spain) , on 09 Oct. 2018
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