ILIFE V9e 4000Pa Max Suction Robot Vacuum Cleaner Combo with ILIFE W400 850ML Water Tank Floor Washing Robot


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ILIFE V9e Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 4000Pa Max Suction, 700ml Large Dustbin, Wi-Fi Connected, App Control,Works with Alexa

Dust, dirt and debris are no match for the ILIFE V9e Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This super-powerful, robot vacuum picks up virtually everything from your floors. It features advanced, three-stage filtration, including a true HEPA filter that captures up to 99.95% of particles and reduces allergens. Use the convenient ILIFEHOME app to set a cleaning schedule, adjust suction, change cleaning modes and more. The large-capacity dustbin holds plenty of debris, so you won’t constantly be emptying it. Finally, this smart device is a cinch to operate with the click of a button!


Up To 4000Pa Suction

4000Pa Powerful Suction, easily picks up everything from fine dust to large particles.

(Please note that the V9e is taller than the average robot vacuum. It may not be able to access the underside of cabinets or low sofas to clean.)

700ML Large Cyclone Dustbin

Captures a large amount of trash, reducing the frequency of emptying the bin. Simply press the release button to dispose of trash.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

Handle different cleaning tasks.

Auto Mode is good for large spaces.

Max Mode provides enhanced suction.

Spot Mode cleans a small area with intense suction.

Edge Mode concentrates on corners and edges.

Advanced Cyclone System

Isolates particles of different sizes to enhance high-performance filtration and maintains steady suction.

Convenient APP Control

Control the robot through the ILIFEHOME APP, like schedule, suction setting and etc. *Only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi.

Customized Schedule

Set up your floor cleaning routine on ILIFEHOME, the robot will automatically clean based on the preset schedule.

Up to 110mins Runtime

Equipped with a premium Li-ion battery, the V9e easily handles the whole house.

Nidec Brushless Motor

Powered by the superior brushless motor, the V9e provides a powerful and sustainable suction with a long lifespan.

Great Obstacle Crossing Ability

Whether it is a carpet or a threshold, V9e can easily cross it without restrictions.

Anti-collision & Anti-drop

Equipped with a full set of sensors let the V9e avoid accidental falls and reduces bumping while cleaning.

Auto Recharge

Searches for the dock when the power is low and automatically charges so it is always prepared to clean.

For Optimal Use

- Use on laminate, tile, hardwood, and low-pile carpet. Not suitable for high-pile carpet or black colored floors.
- Remove cables and small objects, such as toys or shoe laces, out of the way to avoid entanglement.
-Place the charging dock against a wall in a wide open area

ILIFE W400 1000Pa Floor Washing Robot 900ml Water Tank Gyroscopic Planning 4 Cleaning Mode Voice Broadcast

TidalPower Cleaning System

The all-new TidalPower Cleaning System cleans stubborn stains thoroughly while protecting the floor.

4 Mopping Modes

Moisten: Dampens the floor with clean water to loosen stubborn stains.
Scrub: Ultrafine fiber roller deeply washes the floor with gentle scrubs at a high frequency.
Suction: Superior suction removes dirty water. Switch to the max mode for stronger suction power.
Scrape: Scraper wipes off the residues, leaving the floor spotless.

850ml Clean Water Tank and 900ml Dirty Water Tank

Separated compartments for clean and dirty water with individual inlets and outlets ensure cleaning efficiency.

4 Cleaning Modes

W400 floor washing robot has 4 cleaning modes: path mode, area mode, spot mode, and edge mode.

Path Mode (Zigzag mode): The robot drives around the premises in straight lines, turns around 90° if there are obstacles and then continues straight again.

Area Mode (zone cleaning): A specific area in which the robot is located is scanned. The picture above gives the impression that you could set up "forbidden zones" for the robot, which it then does not drive through.

Spot Mode (spot cleaning): The W400 rotates on itself in increasing but linear movements, wiping the area in its immediate vicinity.

Edge mode (wall function): Walls or obstacles in particular are driven down on the outside.

OBS All-Terrain Detection System

W400 has a whole set of terrain detection sensors, allowing it to complete cleaning tasks autonomously.

Real-time Voice Broadcast

Equipped with real-time voice broadcast, you can know the working status clearly.


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