HTOMT F2 ABS Electric Powered Sea Scooter Surfboard

715,99 €

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  • Maxload 200KG
  • Waterproof Rating IP68
  • Surface Speed 5-15KM/H
  • Working Mileage 30-60 Minutes
  • 3200W 36V Water Surf Skate Motor 
  • Independent Suspension Propeller Surfboard

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HTOMT F2 ABS Electric Powered Sea Scooter Surfboard


1. Intelligent control system. two modes (standard mode. sports mode). The four gears are adapted to different water area and different user qroups.
2. The battery compartment with independent waterproof design is easy to isassemble and install. Users can replace the battery in seconds. Battery life can be adjusted according to user needs.
3. Intelligent control system for automatic detection of products. automatic |standby, automatic shutdown, automatic protection and other functions

Using Guide

1.The main power switch is pressed for 3 seconds. the LCD screen lights up, land the device enters the power-on state. At this time, the floating board defaults to the standard mode. The standard mode has 2 gear positions.Press one of the left and right sides to activate the switch to enter the first aear. Both switches are simultaneously pressed into the second gear. Tap the main power switch again, the system will adjust to the sport mode. There are also 2 gears in the sport mode. Press one of the left and right sides to activate the switch to enter the first gear The two switches simultaneously press the second gear.
2.There is 5 arid display on the LCD screen. When the battery is low the red light on the left side of the LCD will light up. When an emergency fault is encountered, the red fault light will flash an alarm.
3.The main power switch is held down for 5 seconds. the system is shut down, the use is stopped for 5 minutes, the system automatically stands by.and the svstem automatically shuts down in 10 minutes


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