JIMMY HW10 18000Pa Strong Suction Cordless 3800mAh Lithium Batteries 3-in-1 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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  • 3800mAh Lithium Batteries and 400W Strong Power
  • 7 Cells of 3800mAh Lithium Batteries
  • Work Up to 80 Minutes for Handheld Use
  • Intelligent OLCD Screen and One-touch Self-cleaning System
  • Promo: Buy JIMMY HW10 to get a FREE Tronsmart Trip 10W Speaker from June 24th to July 24th(randomly shipped)

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3-in-1 JIMMY HW10 Cordless 18000Pa Strong Suction Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner


Strong Suction

The brushless digital motor features high efficiency, strong suction, and great durability. With 400W strong power and 18KPa suction, JIMMY HW10 can remove all kinds of dirt and achieve efficient cleaning around your house.

Long Runtime

Equipped with 7 cells of 3800mAh lithium batteries, JIMMY HW10 can work up to 80 minutes for handheld use. Thanks to the removable design, its runtime can be doubled by an extra battery pack, which is ideal for cleaning big houses.

OLCD Display

The intelligent OLCD screen offers a clear and colorful picture with all the information you need shown on it, such as the battery level, work mode, maintenance reminding, etc. It makes your JIMMY HW10 easy to control.

Smart Voice Reminder

For better use, JIMMY HW10 is upgraded with a voice reminding function that can remind you to add water when the clean water tank is empty, to clean the dirt water tank when it is full of sewage, etc.

Self-Cleaning System

JIMMY HW10 is designed with a one-touch self-cleaning system that can clean the brushroll and the path for air by a single press on the button. The brushroll can be dried automatically after the self-cleaning process. It sets your hands free from washing the dirty brushroll and keeps the machine clean and odor-free.

Auto Suction Adjustment

In the auto mode, JIMMY HW10 Wet/Dry Vacuum and Washer can recognize different floor types and automatically adjust the suction power. The suction pressure boosts when it works on carpets. The auto-adjusting design helps to clean all types of floor thoroughly.

Multiple Brushes

Coming with 2 professional brushrolls and 3 different brushes, JIMMY HW10 can work well not only on floors and carpets but also on mattresses, sofas, and other furniture, which can achieve streak-free cleaning along the wall and hard-to-reach corners. 


Q: When the battery does not have enough capacity how can I get the battery replaced?

A: JIMMY HW10 comes with a removable battery pack. You can buy a new battery from local stores or online shops. Battery replacement is simple with no tools needed.

Q: I have a big house, how long can the product work after each charge?

A: For upright cleaning, JIMMY HW10 can work for 40 minutes in Floor mode and 20 minutes in Carpet mode. For handheld cleaning, it can work for 80 minutes in Eco mode and 30 minutes in Max mode. If you need a longer runtime, you can buy an extra battery.

Q: Can I buy an extra battery?

A: Yes, you can buy an extra battery from local stores or online shops as the battery of JIMMY HW10 is removable.

Q: Can the battery only be charged on machine?

A: Yes. Currently, the battery can only be charged on the machine.

Q: Can it work on wooden floors?

A: JIMMY HW10 is suitable for all sealed hard floors, including hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, marble and linoleum.

Q: Is it safe to use on hardwood floors? Will it release too much water?

A: JIMMY HW10 has a unique water spray outlet that enables you to preciously control how much water to release and where to spray. You can spray more water on a stained and dirty floor and less water on a less stained floor for efficient use of water. It is very safe to be used on all types of indoor sealed floors including sealed wood floors, tile, vinyl, laminate, linoleum, marble, etc.

Q: Can I use it to clean my furniture?

A: Yes. You can use JIMMY HW10 to clean your furniture. It comprises an electric mattress head, an upholstery tool, and a crevice tool, which can be mounted on the machine for handheld cleaning. With multiple brush heads, it can clean beds, sofas, tables, closets, etc.

Q: Can it clean edge and corner well?

A: Yes. JIMMY HW10 can achieve streak-free cleaning along the edges and hard-to-reach corners.

Q: Is there a vacuum only setting or is it vacuum and wash every time?

A: It can do vacuum only. If you want to vacuum without washing, do not press the water spray button.

Q: Does this work on carpets?

A: This machine can work on carpets as a dry vacuum. Do not use it to wash carpets. Besides, it’ll clean deeper if you use the carpet brushroll to clean your carpets.

Q: Can I use the carpet brushroll to wash hard floors or carpets?

A: Do not use the carpet brushroll to wash hard floors or carpets. It can only be used to vacuum hard floors or carpets.

Q: How is the brushroll dried after self washing?

A: After self-washing, the charging base will blow air in to dry the brushroll.

Q: During cleaning, do you have to hold the button the whole time??

A:You do not need to hold the on/off button all the time. As for the water spray button, you need to press it to spray water and loose it to stop spraying.

Q: When you do the self cleaning roller option should it have cleaning solution or just water?

A: We recommend you to add some cleaning solution to clean the brushroll better.

Q: What’s the difference between HW8 pro and HW10?

A: First, HW10 can clean furniture, but HW8 Pro can't. Second, HW10 has a longer runtime and stronger power than HW8 Pro. Third, HW10 comes with an exclusive carpet brushroll for cleaning carpets and HW8 Pro doesn’t. Fourth, HW10 can automatically dry the brushroll after self-cleaning, whereas HW8 Pro can’t. Fifth, HW10 has an OLCD screen and a voice reminder, but HW8 Pro has an LED screen and no voice reminder.

Q: Does it come with the solution?

A: Yes. It comes with a 480ml bottle of cleaning solution.

Q: Can I use other cleaning solution other than the solution provided?

A: We do not recommend using other cleaning solution. Some cleaning solution is corrosive and contains alcohol, which may damage the water tank.

Q: Where can I buy JIMMY cleaning solution?

A: You can buy JIMMY cleaning solution from local stores or online shops.

Q: What is the mixture ratio between cleaning solution and clean water?

A: The cleaning solution and clean water should be mixed in a ratio of 1:50.

Q: How often should you purchase a new brushroll and filter?

A: The brushroll should be replaced when it's worn out or cracked. And the HEPA filter should be replaced around every 6 months or when it is worn out.

Q: Does it have a detachable tool for a vacuuming furniture?

A: The upper part of JIMMY HW10 can be removed from the main body and connected with different brush heads to vacuum different furniture. It comes with an electric mattress head, an upholstery tool, and a crevice tool, which can work on beds, sofas, tables, closets, etc.

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