Geekmaxi offers EU return service to customers, below are our EU repair centers located in different countries which offer our clients a very convenient and fast return service. We’re trying to open more to offer our customers a superior after sale support.

Germany Repair Center

Schubertstrasse, D-15234, Frankfurt, Deutschland

Italy Repair Center

Via Napoleone III. n.75, 00185, Roma Italy

Spain Repair Center

Calle Fabero, 28947 Fuenlabrada, Madrid, España

France Repair Center

BUISSON Saint LOUIS 75010 Paris

Belgium Repair Center

Avenue des anciens combattants
1140 bruxelles

Netherland Repair Center

JK Outsourcing

Jozef Israelsstraat

6415 HZ Heerlen

The Netherlands

Austria Repair Center




Poland Repair Center

Aleje Krakowska

Łazy mazowieckie  



Should you have any return request or aftersale concerns, please contact our customer service support via Live chat or email us to to get the RMA details.